kta gives 'Buffalo 101' tour to incoming students


The newest class of architects and urban planners at the University of Buffalo received a day-long introduction to the school's city as classroom approach on September 7, 2017.  Kerry Traynor, Principal Investigator at kta and Clinical Associate Professor at UB, provided an intensive tour of multiple sites throughout the city for new students, many of whom were new to Buffalo. 

Traynor, together with architect Gregory Delaney, developed a day long tour to sites that included City Hall, Silo City,  the Shoreline Apartments, and the Central Terminal, where she described, "The redevelopment of this site, and the relationship to the surrounding neighborhood, encapsulates so many of the issues facing Buffalo right now."

In an article published by the School of Architecture and Planning at UB, Traynor stated the tour has been a great success. "Students have the opportunity to see our history - a successful port city in her glory days and the amazing architecture that resulted. They get a glimpse of the city's current renaissance and our works in progress."

You can find more about the tour here


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